Pilgrim Lady

Bio: Kim Sorbello is a widow, mother of four (+3-in-law), and grandmother of eight. She and her husband were married gratefully for nearly 36 years, intentionally "keeping one eye on Heaven and one eye on the grave," always careful to keep at the forefront that every "Good-bye" could be their last. She is learning how to survive, hold onto gratitude, and be useful as a widow; dark chocolate, books, and iced tea are her daily pleasures. She is not an empty-nester, because her oldest daughter has Down syndrome and takes good care of her, always saying "Good-bye" with a cheerful "Love ya tender!" Besides, there is One who will never leave or forsake her, and to Whose Eternal Home she journeys, her heart set on pilgrimage. Her husband arrived ahead of her, but they spent most of their adult lives in various lay ministries. Now her graying hair is her glory, and her wrinkles are hard-earned.

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