Response to a book review of Perfectly Human by Sarah C. Williams, review by Bob on Books

I just read your review of Perfectly Human and am typing with tears leaking down onto my keyboard.

My own firstborn has an extra 21st chromosome – Trisomy 21, commonly called Down syndrome. She has always been a delight to our family and recently has been a great consolation to me as we adjust to the loss of her dad – my beloved husband. But I grieve over her lack of peers because currently over 90% of people with Down’s are aborted – deemed not worthy to live, not worthy of love. This robs our society; it robs my family; it robs my daughter of friendships. It makes those who do survive the womb less “normal”, since there are too few left alive to make Down’s “normal” in our neighborhoods, in the supermarkets, in our schools and workplaces.

As a student of WW2 history, and of Jewish pogroms, I ask myself, “Haven’t we as a world learned the horror, shame, and ignominy of trying to eliminate a whole group of people for their genetic makeup?” Iceland has recently boasted that it has virtually eliminated Down syndrome. But did they? Or did they just eliminate the people who have it?

Do we as believers believe God loves His children? Or only perfect ones? Cerian was created in God’s image, as was my daughter. As were you and I. None of us is perfect, no not one. Eugenics has reared its ugly head again, like a lethal whack-a-mole, and babies with imperfections are the current acceptable target–to our great loss. Thank you, Bob, for bringing this review. I hadn’t heard of this book. I want to read it but I think it will break my heart in two.